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Welcome to Expediters Union

We are a national expedited carrier. This web site and name is simply a portal we use as a sounding board to our driver / owner operators to a look inside our personality.

Over 40 years in the freight business and 12 years in the expedited business. Our expedited division was established in September of 1995.

As for our Expediters Union label: We operate on a platform of only what's a necessity. The majority of our profits from our expedited division goes into our technology platform and networking. The balance covers basic operating costs and administrative wages. We keep our operating costs low and we channel our core profits to our"CORE" Owner Operators. We spend very little money on advertising and rely on our Owner Operators word of mouth and their units advertising. Of course we can't produce successful owner operators and like other carriers, find that some OOP's simply cannot operate a business well enough and can't learn how to rub two nickels together to produce 2 quarters. Some OOP's have no business being in business and we prefer to deal with folks who can be coached in the right direction or are already there.

We are not the type of union that you may think. We are NOT a union like the “Teamsters”. We are “gathering” or “group” of expediting professionals that are among the cream of the crop. A professional group. A talented group. A group of Owner Operators that know how to run a business rooted in the expedited arena. An expediter with our label on their regular cargo van, Sprinter cargo van, straight truck or tractor trailer running exclusively for us or maybe another carrier or two as well. We find ourselves also teaming with other expedite carriers as a friendly alliance, that is more and more often produced, amongst batches of carriers to partner with one another, to produce great operators and happy customers.

Partnering with a select group of these carriers that focus on their talent and use their talent in the expedited arena to help maximize their financial earnings as well as the drivers themselves. As in any business there are risks, therefore, to be an expedited owner operator, it is best to understand how to best manipulate this business to your advantage. One way is to operate with a carrier that
allows you to run for other carriers at the same time. Unfortunately, this is more of the exception than the rule. Aligning with us, you'' find more often than not, you don't even need to run for more than one carrier but you may and periodically, this will yield more loads to you more often.

It takes a unique brand of driver / operator to be successful in this business or actually any business. Expediting is best performed by an OTR expedited driver, one who really manipulates business conditions with themselves and the carrier (s) to help achieve their financial well being while serving their carrier (s) and molding with their methods of operations to best fit with expediting. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, patience and at times, failure, followed by adjustments...

If your a carrier jumper, and your bashing your carriers by not accepting responsibility for your own faults leading to your demise, you won't fit well with us because carrier jumpers typically have to
much debt, a poor understanding of how the expediting business needs to work in order to be successful, do not comprehend how poor operating methods affect your bottom line and contribute to failure, a poor or non existent business understanding (percentages, costs & expenses understanding etc.), and / or poor or no cash flow to help sustain your economic conditions, the industry conditions influenced by time of year or US economic conditions, among other things.

The failure rate in any business can be high when the lack of business aptitude in general and poor operating methods does not exist. Business is like a marriage, many fail in the early stages. If
you really spend time examining this business and learning to manipulate it, you have a good financial footing and can learn from your mistakes, you CAN AND WILL do well in this business. We'll help you do that... If you fail, it will no doubt be due to many factors, some attributed to our fault (the carrier) and some, most likely most, due to your own circumstances that your already in hampering your success ratio...

Straight trucks and vans needed. Expediting opportunities now available

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